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Leicester Royal Infirmary School

Information for Parents

The Timetable

We typically offer 1 or 2 lessons a day, each lesson lasting up to around an hour.  Lesson length is adjusted as necessary to meet the needs of the child from day to day.

What to expect

Access to education is offered on the second day of your child’s admission, as appropriate. Should you feel your child is not well enough for school at that time, you are able to request school at any point during your child’s stay in hospital when you feel they are ready. We liaise closely with home schools/colleges & other agencies in order to plan an educational programme which is appropriate for your child and their current needs.

Within the teaching team at the LRI we have a range of teachers and teaching assistants. All are well qualified, and able to support all ages from reception through to year 11. We are able to set our own work, and support work set by mainstream, schools/colleges. If your child is an inpatient during his / her examinations we can work with your child’s own school to administer the exams.

At the moment all teaching is at the bedside, or in the playrooms, while the hospital finds new classroom accommodation for us. When our new rooms are available, you are welcome to come and visit them!

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What we expect from Parents / Carers

  • Encourage your school to engage positively with his / her school sessions.
  • Keep the education staff aware of any issues which would affect their learning.
  • Please support us in getting schoolwork from your child’s school quickly.

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What you can expect from us

  • We will make contact with your child’s school as soon as possible on admission, and will liaise with them, as needed, during the admission.
  • We will provide a programme of education for your child which is appropriate to their age, academic and health needs.
  • If your child accesses education during an extended stay we will send a report to you, and the school upon their discharge from hospital.


To download a PDF copy of the information on this page click here.

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