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Leicester Royal Infirmary School

We understand that being in hospital can be a difficult, and possibly upsetting, time. We hope to make school in the LRI welcoming and enjoyable for you.

When you are admitted to hospital one of our staff will come and say ‘hello’. If you are staying in hospital, and are well enough to access school, we will contact your own school and ask for information about what you should be learning. You can help us by bringing work from home, telling us what courses you are following and who the best people are for us to talk to at your school.

You will be offered 1 or 2 school sessions per day, depending upon your treatment and how well you feel. The lessons will usually be up to an hour long.

If you are worried that you are missing an important piece of work by being in hospital, such as a piece of coursework, please tell us- we may be able to help you complete it.

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