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Leicester Royal Infirmary - Introduction

At Leicester Royal Infirmary, the Children’s Hospital School provides education across six children’s wards. The average length of stay is less than one week, however there are a number of children who stay for significantly longer, or are regularly admitted for treatment.

The education team at the LRI provide education for children aged 4-16, and occasionally supporting post 16s also.

The education team work closely with the child’s own school to plan an appropriate curriculum which meets the child’s academic and current health needs.

Education is available to students from the second day of their admission, provided they are well enough. The education team will liaise with parents and medical staff to devise an offer which is suitable. Currently we are able to offer up to 10 hours of education per week.

We are delighted with the feedback from our most recent (Mar 2013) Ofsted inspection:

'In the Leicester Royal Infirmary, the lengths of stay vary enormously depending on medical needs, but staff are quick to assess pupils in the aspects of their learning which have been prioritised. When teachers have found out what pupils are able to do, they are then provided with appropriate work and one-to-one sessions with specialist staff which move their learning on well so that they make good progress.’

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