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The Nine Days of Christmas.

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Hajir’s Winning  Christmas  Footwork

A picture of one of Santa’s trusty reindeer, produced by Hajir Salim (10) from the Children’s Hospital School at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, will sit proudly on shelves and mantlepieces in homes and businesses across the East Midlands this Christmas.

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Armistice Day


At the beginning of November we took two students to France and Belgium to visit the battlefields and graves of World War I as part of the UK government’s First World War Battlefields programme to commemorate the centenary of the end of the war. Students carried out research into the lives of the soldiers to improve their understanding.

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Come to Our 70th Anniversary Gala Dinner!

Join us at the National Space Centre in Leicester for a gala dinner to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Children’s Hospital. Everyone’s welcome – it’ll be an action-packed evening with plenty of fun for all ages.

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Students' CSI Investigations

Mainstream schools have labs in which to teach science. However, in a hospital space is not readily available, so our teachers have come up with creative alternatives.

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