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Welcome to our information for Pupils’ Page

If you are going to receive home tuition from the Children’s Hospital School, our teachers will normally visit you at home for 5 hours a week to help you keep up with your school work. We will talk with you, your parents, your own school and the medical professionals involved in your care, and together we will work out the best way to provide education for you whilst you are unable attend your own school.

Our pupils are at the heart of everything we do on Home Tuition.

Receiving home tuition from the Children’s Hospital School will be something you get used to very quickly. You will find we do a lot of the things you would usually do at school, and our staff will understand how you are feeling and discuss with you how best to support your school work while you are at home. Don't worry, the teachers won't make you do too much if you are not feeling up to it and we promise to make it fun!

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The Children’s Hospital School

As well as home tuition, most of our teachers work in other areas of our school. Some of you may have experienced our school within the Leicester Royal Infirmary, and we also have a day school for 11-16 year olds called Willow Bank, and another part of our school is at Coalville Hospital, called Ward 3. In the past we have run writing competitions, drawing competitions and art activities across the whole school; we hope that you will become feel a part of our school community, and join in activities when you can.

Things to extend your learning

If you would like something else to do, why not take a look at the Primary or Secondary Learning Resources?

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Some examples of lessons on Home Tuition:

Dancing raisins

'Dancing Raisins’ Science Experiment

Button art

‘Button Art’ by Ellie Baum

Chocolate cornflakes

Making Chocolate Cornflakes!

Primary Learning Resources

Learning games


Staying safe online

More information

Learn about online safety from thinkuknow - a guide to internet safety and safe surfing for young people.

Secondary Learning Resources


  • BBC_Bitesize 
    Enjoy interactive learning games from the BBC
  • S-Cool GCSEs 
    Enjoy interactive revision for all subjects 

Maths and science


  • English Biz
    English skills-focused help for students 

Modern foreign languages

               Modern foreign language revision website 

  • GCSE.Com
    French language revision website 

Online safety

More information

Learn about online safety from thinkuknow - a guide to internet safety and safe surfing for young people.

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