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Outreach Service - Information for Schools

The Outreach service is a part of the Children’s Hospital School, delivering education to students who are too poorly to attend their own school. The length of a student’s time receiving home tuition is dependent on their individual needs. Teachers will always aim to tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of individual students to ensure they make educational progress.

We aim to liaise with schools as often as possible, whom we contact with parental permission. We require schools to send us work for students to complete, supported by teachers, to allow them to follow their own school’s curriculum wherever possible. In addition, in order for us to offer the best support necessary, we benefit from you sharing attainment and achievement data and information regarding forthcoming exams or controlled assessments soon as possible. This, in turn, makes returning to school a little easier after a period of sustained absence.

Students are also allocated a tutor, who will conduct most of the liaison with the student’s own school. Homework is set if the young person is considered well enough to cope with it.

For some students, education may present a huge barrier; in cases like this we may start with alternative curriculum work, but we aim to move on to academic work as soon as possible and for this reason we appreciate the schools/colleges setting and sending work as soon as they can. We are also able to offer short, certificated courses, via Learn Direct, for example.

Towards the end of a young person’s stay on home tuition we will discuss reintegration with all concerned, and a phased return is often recommended.

We are delighted with the feedback from our most recent Ofsted inspection:

‘In the best teaching, the level of individualised work is high and outstanding work was seen in the one-to-one working between staff and pupils. This ensures that all expected learning is matched extremely well to pupils’ needs and abilities. Pupils are continually challenged and where support is needed, it is provided very well; where independence is required, pupils are encouraged to work on their own.’


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