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Ward 3 at the Coalville Community Hospital

Staff and Students Raise Money for Charity

On Thursday 5th October 2017 the young people from ward 3 spent the day making cakes and other baked goods, in preparation for our Macmillan coffee morning. We made brownies, muffins, cakes, flapjacks, cheesecakes and much more so we could raise as much money for charity as we could with the help of the other wards in hospital. Despite students and staff getting covered in cake mixture and icing sugar, the preparation was extremely fun and spirits on the ward were high. Students and staff had the chance to chat over a cup of tea and a slice of cake which was really enjoyable.

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Along with spending time in our dining room, which we spent time decorating with paper chains and glitter butterflies, we went around the other wards with a trolley of cakes and muffins, to spread our smiles around the hospital. When doing this we saw how much it makes people feel better to know they’re helping others. So not only did we raise £170 for Macmillan, we also managed to put a smile on the faces of the patients on the wards, as well as our own.

Quotes from the students & staff:

‘The amount of cake was amazing-it made it too hard to choose which to try’.

‘I enjoyed having the chance to bake all day’.

‘It was lovely to see students so relaxed and engaged-it’s left them wanting to do it more often’.

‘It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves, whilst raising money for a good cause. The cake was a bonus too!’

Written by the students at ward 3.

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