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Meet the Team

Team Ward 3

We are delighted with the feedback from our recent Ofsted inspection:

‘Pupils enter Oakham House in crisis and are provided with outstanding support to enable them to be prepared to move on to another provision. The school sets clear targets for pupils so that even the smallest steps of academic progress can be recorded and  measured.

The close links with the clinical provision in Oakham House allow staff to quickly know and understand the needs of the pupils very well.

The routes for pupils leaving this provision show that they have become re-engaged in their learning when they leave, including being able to return to their schools, go on to Willow Bank or move on to college’.

Ofsted Inspection report: 
The Children’s Hospital School, 20-21 February 2013


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Ward 3, Whitwick Ward

‘I managed to create things I never dreamed I would achieve’ - Student

‘Excellent communication and understanding approach - I feel sure it was the key to her recovery'- Parent/Carer 

‘You have been amazing throughout my stay. Thank you for your help and support. You will be my beacon of hope’ - Student

‘Communication was excellent we were supported well a pleasure working with you’ - School

‘Always exchanging information and keeping contact going’ - Student

The Timetable

Our timetable works alongside the therapeutic part of the Programme. To make sure it meets the needs of the unit the programme is regularly reviewed.

Currently we offer 14 hours of contact time with our students.

What to expect

Access to education is offered immediately on admission as appropriate. We liaise closely with home schools/colleges & other agencies.

In our well-resourced class there are always at least two education staff in class at any one time.

We are able to set our own work, and support work set by mainstream, schools/colleges. With parental permission, we liaise with schools/colleges. We look at educational issues leading up to admission and at the point of discharge.

The education team work closely with the clinicians at Ward 3. So we can support the work they are doing & add to their assessments. 

As we move towards discharge we have our eye on re-integration and aim to make sure that all aware of the plans in place.

What we hope from Parents/Carers

  • We need written permission from parents/ carers to be able to liaise with education services
  • We would like parents/carers to sign the home/school agreement
  • Schools/Colleges should be informed of admission by parents/carers.
  • We would appreciate it if any coursework collected was handed straight to us - we can then keep an eye on what needs to be/has been done.

What to expect from us

  • We will liaise regularly & as soon as possible on admission with Schools/Colleges.
  • Weekly updates on progress is available through ward rounds.

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Complaints Procedures

If you were to find that you are unhappy with some aspect of the School and your complaint cannot be dealt with by the Base Leader, complaints should be addressed to the Head Teacher in the first instance. For the full complaints procedure and copies of any other school policies please see the schools web site for further information.


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