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Ward 3 at the Coalville Community Hospital

Information for Pupils

The following can be downloaded:

Classroom Expectations Guide

Guide to Responsible Computer Use


Message from a student

'Inside the classroom it is very informal and you are not pressured into doing any school work. But if you are able to, there is the help and support to do it. If you feel you cannot possibly do any educational work, they give tons of ideas, such as an art project or researching a topic you are interested in. Or even just doing a word search or reading a book and even some origami. Anything you like. All the teachers are really lovely and help you; no matter what you feel you are able to do. None of them belittle or make you feel stupid and they are really good at keeping your mind occupied; even when your head’s all over the place. It is not like an official classroom with all the tables in a row towards the front. It is a casual atmosphere with a table in the middle which everybody sits around and you can have a chat with people, and do projects together. There are also laptops which you can use whilst at school, and Kindles which you can borrow, and they have some good books on them. School is on every day throughout the week and it is in chunks spread across the day so it is not too overwhelming. After all, it is really enjoyable and never boring, as there’s always something to keep you occupied.'

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