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New Arrivals for CHS


Willow Bank has two new names on roll - Doris and Mabel. 

These names belong to two young female guinea pigs who are now housed at the school. Doris is 6 months old and Mabel is still only 8weeks old. They came all the way from a breeder in Staffordshire.




  There is much evidence that animals can have a very positive impact on people’s emotional wellbeing and these two little piggies are already bringing smiles to the student’s faces. The animals will help students develop a sense of responsibility as they will be involved in the day to day care of the animals and a positive bond between an animal and a child can support academic, social, and emotional growth. They will also fit in with our Eco School aims, becoming part a great way to recycle some of our vegetable waste from the kitchen and the garden.

The guinea pigs are very well housed in a hutch kindly donated by the Fosse Park branch of ‘Pets At Home’ and they have a secure outside run in order to enjoy the last of the good Autumn weather.

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