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Leicester Royal Infirmary School

Information for pupils and parents

We understand that being in hospital can be a difficult, and possibly upsetting, time. We hope to make school in the LRI welcoming and enjoyable for you.

When you are admitted to hospital one of our staff will come and say ‘hello’. If you are staying in hospital, and are well enough to access school, we will contact your own school and ask for information about what you should be learning. You can help us by bringing work from home, telling us what courses you are following and who the best people are for us to talk to at your school.

You will be offered 1 or 2 school sessions per day, depending upon your treatment and how well you feel.

If you are worried that you are missing an important piece of work by being in hospital, such as a piece of coursework, please tell us- we may be able to help you complete it.

Key Questions

Who are we?

We are fully qualified teaching staff who are based in a classroom on the Children’s Daycare Unit in the Windsor building.  This is on the 4th floor.  We have a range of teachers and teaching assistants. All are well qualified, and able to support all ages from reception through to year 11.

Who do we teach?

We teach children aged 4-16 who have been in hospital for a number of days and are missing out on attending their own school.  Should you feel your child is not well enough for school when it is first offered, you are able to request school at any point during your child’s stay in hospital when you feel they are ready.

Where do we teach?

Most of these lessons are taught 1:1 on the wards. Wherever possible, the classroom is also used for Teaching and Learning. Students are brought to the classroom if it is physically possible and infection control and treatment guidelines allow it.

When do we teach?

Our teaching hours are 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm.  Lessons are offered daily from Monday to Friday during Leicester City term time.

Lessons range in length but are usually between 20 minutes to 1 hour and are offered either once or twice a day depending on a wide range of factors.

An exact time cannot be given for lessons in advance due to the nature of being in a hospital.  We aim to be flexible and work alongside the medical staff.

What do we teach?

This varies from session to session.  For longer term admissions, schools sometimes provide us with work that is being missed while the child is in hospital.  At other times, the hospital school staff will plan lessons to suit your child based on their age, ability and interests.  These cover a wide range of subjects. If your child is an inpatient during his / her examinations we can work with your child’s own school to administer the exams. The medical needs and wellbeing of our students are taken into account and activities are planned accordingly.

 Other information

Pupil Packs

Pupils are offered packs of age appropriate learning activities to complete during their stay.  These are not compulsory but can complement the lessons that we provide or be an alternative to face to face lessons if that is more suitable for short term admissions.

Classroom Lessons

We open the classroom to group drop in sessions for Primary aged students when possible.  There are a number of activities on offer and a member of staff to support the children with these activities.  All children must be signed in by a parent and signed out again for these sessions.

Back to School

Once discharged, a letter is sent to the home school, informing them of the student’s attendance at hospital school.  Work completed is taken home.  If a student is with us and taught for 10 or more sessions, they receive a progress report that is sent to their home address when they are discharged or at the end of a term

How parents can help

  • Complete paperwork promptly so that we can teach your child.
  • Encourage your child to engage positively with his / her school sessions.
  • Keep the education staff aware of any issues which would affect their learning.
  • Please support us in getting schoolwork from your child’s school quickly.

What we expect from our pupils

  • Try your best during your lessons.
  • Tell the education staff if you have a problem which stops you being able to learn.
  • If you have work from home, bring it to hospital with you and share it with education staff.

What you can expect from us

  • We will make your lessons as interesting as varied as we can, allowing for your medical needs.
  • We will liaise with your school to plan a programme for you which matches your own school work, where it is appropriate to.
  • We will support you in completing work set to the best of your ability.
  • We want you to enjoy school whilst in hospital and to go back to school having kept up with your classmates.

We love to share the work that the children have completed on Twitter.  If you are happy for us to use your child’s face, please make sure that the photo permissions form has been filled in.  

Please make sure that you follow us on Twitter for all of the latest updates and to see pictures of what the children have been up to. @LRIschool

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